While still crusty eyed and barely awake in bed this morning, I rolled over onto my perceptibly awake husband.

“Robert?” I wondered aloud, bleary eyed and grotesque, as only a wife waking up at 10:45 AM can be. Robert, considerate and husbandly, put his phone away and peered over at his awakening beloved.

“Yes… Nadia?”.

“Robert, it’s awful! My nightmare last night was about school. I can’t decide whether to quit or not. The mental effort is killing me!”

“What? No, it’s not killing you. That pain is probably your stomach. Breakfast should be the solution.” He replied with his usual consolation. “What should we have?”

“WAFFLES!” I declared, throwing the blankets off of the bed.

“Waffles it is!” Roberto agreed.

So thus began our delirious, waffle making adventure — a means to ameliorate, and really distract from the horror of a premature nightmare manifesting. Of course, I will have to make my decision sooner or later. Until then, Robert and I set to work in the vast kitchen (his mother’s) on the task ahead: waffles from scratch.

Instructions from some Googled recipe were called upon. We laid out every ingredient artfully, along with every measuring cup and spoon. Like every artist who has mastered the basics, after setting out the foundations, seeing that we had the butter, the vanilla, the white flour, baking powder and milk, we decided that transcendence of form was necessary in the form of recipe substitutions, or these waffles would be just like any other. So instead of entirely butter, we halved the butter with apple jam, and instead of 100% whole milk, we (gasp) added heavy cream.

And boy, you bet we threw in a pinch of cinnamon for some extra spice. Wink. Wink.

The smell of sizzling waffles, and the cackle of Robert surreptitiously cooking some unholy Bacon filled the kitchen.

What a morning, one where I could begin to forget that I had nightmares at all. In a world full of pressing expectations, sanity is delirium. After  sipping coffee with this man, spreading butter on a waffle and staring out onto an endless grassy field,  there I was momentarily peaceful.


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